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These are Battlezone 1, 2, and Red Oddysey Maps

Battlezone 1

Map Name Author File Name Size Type Description
Frantic Frenzy Blaknite101 180KB BZ1-IA Protect command post to the North, destroy Soviet outposts.
All Out Attack Blaknite101 133KB BZ1-IA Destroy CCA shipyard of APCs, destroy Launchpad.
Trenches Of Io Blaknite101 160KB BZ1-DM Covered with trenches, relics, powerups, and empty ships.
Bear Trap BS-er 69.4KB BZ1-IA Grab raves, singlehandedly put smack on the Commies.
Downhill BS-er 190KB BZ1-IA Set up base, get raves, attack commie base.
Payback BS-er 201KB BZ1-IA Meet up with your forces and remove the Russian presence.
Shooter BS-er 180KB BZ1-IA Snipe ships, take them to your base and destroy enemy base.
Tunguska BS-er 191KB BZ1-IA Set up base, kill Furies, destroy CCA forces.
Warzone BS-er 272KB BZ1-IA Rescue recycler, destroy the Russians.
Great Divide KingRascal 60KB BZ1-IA A beginner map, with a starting Russian base nearby.
Off The Wall Blaknite101 68.4KB BZ1-IA A difficult map, with Russians and Furies, beware.
Furyhell BS-er 206KB BZ1-IA Some furies survived and made it to the moon.
Get Arkin 1 BS-er 249KB BZ1-IA Arkin and his band of outlaws have stolen an experimental Black Dog recycler capable of producing very powerful units.
Get Arkin 2 BS-er 168KB BZ1-IA You must defend a group of geysers asArkin's  heavily armed
units attack in wave after powerful wave.
Get Arkin 3 BS-er 208KB BZ1-IA Arkin has uncovered Cthonian technology which gives his units strange new capabilities. His modified constructor is busy building a recycler, and a huge attack wave is on the way.
Get Arkin 4 BS-er 333KB BZ1-IA Arkin has a nearly impenetrable base on Alpha Centauri 5's innermost moon. You'll need a special weapon to take it out
Get Arkin 5 BS-er 318KB BZ1-IA You must help a covert team of pilots in their mission to steal some of Arkin's flashgun turret tanks.
The Nest Alex112 150KB BZ1-IA Protect your recycler and destroy the CCA on Mars.
Alienyard Alex112 199KB BZ1-IA You have no Recycler and only two scavengers, no matter, you can use a deserted NSDF base.
Crater Alex112 144KB BZ1-IA WWIII has begun, now go take care of business.
Valles marineris adventure Alex112 335KB BZ1-IA Kill CCA.
Moonmaze Parag 45.6KB BZ1-DM A DM map with many weapons, set in a maze.
High Treason Blaknite101 77.9KB BZ1-IA You're an NSDF commander who has defected to the CCA and now must destroy the base you once commanded.
High Treason 3 Russian Edition Blaknite101 398KB BZ1-IA You are to wipe out the remaining NSDF forces with your battle group, good luck.  A hard mission.
High Treason 3 American Edition Blaknite101 512KB BZ1-IA You have the remaining NSDF units on Achilles in your base.   Defend them at all costs.  An easy mission.

Red Oddyssey

Map Name Author File Name Size Type Description
The Labryinth Team Evolve evolve.exe 62KB TRO-DM A Red Oddyssey Deathmatch map by the makers of Red Oddysey themselves, Team Evolve.
Duplicating Again? Sonic 117KB TRO-IA The only Red Oddyssey instant action mission I have seen.
Sonic Sonic 395KB TRO-DM A Red Oddyssey Strategy Map.
Canyon Lands {CRF}freakOnature canyon.exe 530KB TRO-ST A Red Oddyssey Strategy Map.
Ridge of Doom Aphex Twin ridgedmTRO.exe 158KB TRO-DM A Red Oddysey Deathmatch level
Ancients Sickboy ancientsBZ.exe 57KB TRO-DM A Red Oddyssey Deathmatch Map.

Battlezone 2 Demo

Map Name Author File Name Size Type Description



Prefab Maps

Below are a group of incomplete maps by me.  They already have the terrain and texturing done, but there are no objects on the map.  Everyone is free to download these and use them to make their own maps.  I would appreciate it if anyone who makes a map from the uncomplete ones I have available would send me a copy and allow me to put it on my page.  Thank You.  If you would like to try making a prefab map yourself, go ahead, then send it in here....


Battlezone 1

File Name Author Size Type Description blaknite101 100K IA A good looking map, I think it's Achilles. blaknite101 32.1K IA This map has NO texture, leaving the ground black and giving an effect of night, I think, well try it and tell me. blaknite101 80.3K IA This is a Europa map which came out very nice.