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These are tips for playing Battlezone, if you have any tips or questions email me and they may be posted, you will get credit for your tips I post or questions that I answer.


Use your armory to customize your ship, some good setups are:

2 Mag Cannons on a tank

2 SP-Stabbers on a tank

Anything more powerful than the defualt Minigun on a turret

A Comet on a light tank, rocket tank, or bomber.

Just to mess people up: Put a Thumper on a Minelayer, send it to the enemy base, and tell it to lay mines.



Tips if your ship is destroyed in your enemy's base
If your ship is destroyed in your enemy's base you will be ejected as
normally. While in the air, attempt to direct yourself towards a
mountain or another area that is not in the open. You will not be on
the enemy's radar while out of your ship, so if they can't see you
hiding by a mountain, they won't know you are there. If your base is
still intact I would suggest trying to get back to it and get into a new
ship. If your base is no longer there or you just feel daring, you can
try to snipe yourself an enemy ship. Maneuver yourself into an area where
there is a ship that you want (preferably one that is not moving or
moving slowly). Right click on the mouse and you will get your sniper
rifle. Line it up on the round light that you will see in the ship, and
fire. If you kill the man inside (the light will go out), right click
to get out of sniper mode and run into the ship. Then get out of there
because they will see that you are an enemy. Do not attempt to destroy
any enemy structures while out of a ship if there are any tanks, turrets
or any other defensive measures nearby. They will see you shooting if
they didn't see you before and will kill you. Your gun out of the ship
is not effective.


Tips for Defending your base
In a strategic game, defense is very important. You need it before you
make an offensive move. I would personally suggest gun towers over
turrets if you intend them to stay in one place. Gun towers are more
effective. You must make a constructor and s-power to make gun towers
but I think they are worth it. 3 towers can go to one s-power Be sure to
place them near your recycler and near your factory. You may want to
tell a tank or two to defend your recycler and/or factory for extra
protection while you are not using them. If you know a spot that has a
lot of scrap, you may want to secure it by placing gun towers or turrets
by it which will in turn fire on scavengers that try to take the scrap.
Minelayers also can help to defend your base, but I do that find them
extremely necessary because the enemy can see and avoid them.