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This page includes Battlezone 2 movies, art  and eventually the demo(possibly).


This file contains the first AND second Battlezone 2 preview movie. 7.04MB

This file is the third Battlezone 2 movie only. 2.67 MB


The Battlezone 2 single-player demo 15MB:

The Intel Website
3d #1
3d #2
Voodoo Extreme
All Games Network

Here is the file for editing the Battlezone 2 Demo:

This is the Battlezone 2 Demo Save file in which I have all 4 Scion ships sniped: 27.8 KB, unzip this file into your Battlezone 2 Demo\save folder, then to load it once in the demo, click load and choose all.sav


Here is some concept art

smalpsktch.gif (12182 bytes)

Click the below images for larger pictures.

smruinsktch.jpg (20279 bytes)

Mire ruins

art_2sm.gif (14969 bytes)

Abandoned alien city

art-3sm.jpg (5487 bytes)

Tank, workhorse of the ISDF

wlkr_con_sm.jpg (23882 bytes)

Walker, looks better than Battlezone 1

forest1_sm.jpg (5400 bytes)

Mire, the swampy alien planet

pluto_con_sm.jpg (9161 bytes)

Fury, does this have anything to do with Battlezone 2? Don't ask me.

pilotconsm.jpg (4812 bytes)

Pilot, better details than in Battlezone 1

towercon_sm.jpg (9624 bytes)

Gun tower, funkadelic

mbikecon_sm.jpg (19239 bytes)

Mortar bike, fast

scntankcon_sm.gif (13452 bytes)

Scion tank, menacing

apccon_sm.jpg (6723 bytes)

APC, nice

rocktankcon_sm.jpg (5381 bytes)

Rocket tank, wow

shabeyev_sm.jpg (4389 bytes)

Commander Yelena Shabayev, hmm.. sounds Russian.

service_sm.jpg (7486 bytes)

A service truck, the official Pandemic line is "for comic relief", I wonder what that means

bridgecon_sm.jpg (5272 bytes)

The bridge, great for treaded vehicles.

atankcon_sm.jpg (26396 bytes)

ISDF Assualt tank, when you really want to do some heavy damage.

fsoldiercon_sm.jpg (26134 bytes)

Scion Foot Soldier, ooohhh... sends shivers up my spine.

banecon_sm.jpg (4656 bytes)

Some nice color concept art of Bane.

sciontroop.gif (18922 bytes)

A Scion Troop, imagine meeting him in a dark alley.

stasiscon_sm.jpg (12588 bytes)

ISDF Stasis Truck, what is it keeping in stasis? Soldiers?  Only Pandemic knows.

gatecon_sm.jpg (8274 bytes)

The Pandemic guy says this is an alien artifact used in one mission, but the title is ISDF Teleport.  Sounds good.

sturretcon_sm.jpg (6966 bytes)

The Scion Turret, can't really tell much from this concept art.

For background art by Tremor- Click Here

For some cool images of original Battlezone 1 images of German units that were later cancelled, click here