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This page may take a while to load, so be patient.  Pictures go from top to bottom old to new.(Newest are at the bottom)

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Looks like a tank + 2 scouts.                 Nice Explosive effects.


Trees in the background.                   Great headlight action     


                 Tank returning from successful kill.       A scion ship in the distance.                    


Looks like an ISDF energy weapon.                 The Mire ruins.           


Well its a tank.                 Trees and great lighting effects.

                pluto1_sm.jpg (9359 bytes)

             Better than those blocky Bz1 guys.            Nice terrain and ships.                

bz2wlkrsm.jpg (2998 bytes)                 scout_tunsm.jpg (11868 bytes)

       Walkers and a mortar bike.    I like the lighting effect of the headlight, and its red.

mbike_sm.jpg (28394 bytes)                 pilotmire_sm.jpg (27294 bytes)   

                   Mortar bike.                                 ISDF pilot, and Mire ruins.

pilotcomp_sm.jpg (27416 bytes)                 recycler_sm.jpg (5054 bytes)

                         An ISDF pilot inside some building.                 It's the ISDF recylcer, looks great.                

bzone2_1a.jpg (2759 bytes)               bzone2_2a.jpg (3246 bytes)

That yellow thing IS a SCAV.         He better run quick from the alien beast.

bzone2_3a.jpg (3631 bytes)

Looks like that Scion put the smack on the ISDF ship.

movieshot1.jpg (26277 bytes)

movieshot2.jpg (29550 bytes)



exitunnel_sm.jpg (4312 bytes)                 scout-hole_sm.jpg (3214 bytes)

It's the light at the end of the tunnel.         Outsied view of a tunnel.

walker_sm.jpg (4121 bytes)                 scouts_sm.jpg (3629 bytes)

Full view of an ISDF walker.                 Several scouts and buildings.

isdflrg_sm.jpg (3799 bytes)                 prplflash_sm.jpg (3838 bytes)

This is the ISDF rocket tank.                 The flash                    

battle_sm.jpg (3958 bytes)                 2scion_sm.jpg (5399 bytes)

Looks like a morphed Scion to the left             Two Scions on patrol.

xplode_sm.jpg (4726 bytes)                 plutisdf_sm.jpg (3412 bytes)

He's not making it home for dinner.         Walkers, scouts, and more.   

plutbtl_sm.jpg (21321 bytes)                 isdfbm_sm.jpg (3122 bytes)

A morphed Scion, and ISDF tank.    I think its an ISDF bomber.

tankshot_sm.jpg (4055 bytes)                 aimsct_sm.jpg (4595 bytes)

An ISDF tank getting whooped up on.        Notice the name on left is Russian.

bigbang_sm.jpg (4582 bytes)                 nukewalk_sm.jpg (8435 bytes)

Another picture of an explosion.                 The walker looks just plain awesome.

atank_sm.jpg (6072 bytes)                 beast_sm.jpg (3153 bytes)

The assualt tank, treads and all.                 I wouldn't want to get in his way.   

apcbane_sm.jpg (5383 bytes)                 apcbane2_sm.jpg (5307 bytes)

The ISDF APC on the planet Bane


BELOW HERE the Scions have their new skin.


banefight_sm.jpg (7123 bytes)        banefight2_sm.jpg (7389 bytes)

A battle on planet Bane.  You can see Solar Flare mines, a funky blue glowing crystals.

pilotbane_sm.jpg (5846 bytes)        recyescort_sm.jpg (6164 bytes)

                That little man better watch his back.        I believe that this is the light tank escorting the recycler.

bane107_sm.jpg (25382 bytes)                 bane112_sm.jpg (19066 bytes)

The Scions in these screens still have the old skin.

snap263_sm.jpg (20526 bytes)                 snap266_sm.jpg (21186 bytes)

Mele on Bane, Scions with the new skins.  Looking good.

snap310_sm.jpg (24898 bytes)                 snap315_sm.jpg (26620 bytes)

This looks like the lava planet Rend.  To the right there seems to be some kind of mini-walker.

snap337_sm.jpg (23025 bytes)                 pilotbane2_sm.jpg (20684 bytes)

Rocket tank chases down a rascally Scion.         An ISDF pilot assesing the situation.

apccliff_sm.jpg (3205 bytes)                 miniwlkr_sm.jpg (4182 bytes)

                      This is an APC on planet Bane.             I think this is some sort of mini-walker, on planet Rend.

scionmissile_sm.jpg (3758 bytes)                 wlkrrend_sm.jpg (3729 bytes)

This Scion is firing some kind of missile.    The walker is huge compared to the pilot.  Watch your step.   

rendship_sm.jpg (4857 bytes)                 2atanks_sm.jpg (8944 bytes)

    Looks like a scout, or a new ship.    Assualt tanks attack what looks like a Scion turret.

sharky1_sm.jpg (4570 bytes)                 sharky2_sm.jpg (4779 bytes)

Fighting on Mire.

sharky3_sm.jpg (4274 bytes)                 sharky4_sm.jpg (4602 bytes)

Fighting on Mire.  Look at the sky detail, awesome.

sharky5_sm.jpg (4648 bytes)                 gpower_sm.jpg (19315 bytes)

Back by popular demand- Fighting on Mire.    That looks like a mech or something   

gpower2_sm.jpg (18530 bytes)                 gpower4_sm.jpg (14420 bytes)

The picture that proves my scav theory.         Look at that thing glow.   

newrtank_sm.jpg (7753 bytes)                 prplglow_sm.jpg (4239 bytes)

This is the new rocket tank.              Umm, nice glow, or something.

smokey_sm.jpg (3656 bytes)                 wlkrshoot_sm.jpg (4287 bytes)

Nice smoke or fog effects.       Walker shooting some big weapon.

scionwlkr_sm.jpg (8717 bytes)                 cfire_sm.jpg (10409 bytes)

Scion walkers, and a dead ISDF pilot.         Walkers delivering the smack on Rend.


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