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Screenshots taken from the first Battlezone 2 preview movie.


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2 Images of an ISDF scout being fired upon, presumably by a Scion vessel.

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Nice explosive effects, that purple is an ISDF weapon from official screenshots.

    shot5.jpg (45765 bytes)    shot6.jpg (38790 bytes)   

Can you say forest fire??

shot3.jpg (40642 bytes)    shot7.jpg (26625 bytes)

                                         Ohh...looks like some roaming indigenous wildlife.      Looks like the same trusty interface, good.        



#'s 2,5,6 - Ship seems to be firing more than 2 cannons at once, possibly 4?

#'s 3-4 - Looks like that same purple weapon the ISDF tank was firing at those purple buildings

#'s 3-6 - Looks like you can blow up the trees

#8 - The vehicle has 5 weapon hardpoints, Battlezone 1 ships had a 4 hardpoint maximum