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header3.jpg (28055 bytes)


beasts_sm.gif (15480 bytes)                 orders_sm.gif (16797 bytes)

The man is insane.                         Check out the interface, nice.

apcland_sm.gif (11080 bytes)                 dpilot_sm.gif (15050 bytes)

An APC unloads pilots onto the battlefield.                 That pilot is dead           

rturret_sm.gif (21655 bytes)                 flyby_sm.gif (14888 bytes)

Looks like a rocket turret of some sort.         This looks like a Scion bomber or APC making a flyby.

insane_sm.gif (14019 bytes)                 lava_sm.gif (16618 bytes)

I think those are Scion turrets.                 The lava looks excellent, I assume this is Rend.

nicice_sm.jpg (5290 bytes)                 rendbang_sm.jpg (26883 bytes)

Better unit scale than Battlezone 1.             A large fight on Rend, not much to say.   

swlkr_sm.jpg (16993 bytes)

This Scion Walker is taking a beating from 2 ISDF Assault Tanks.

walkerart_sm.jpg (16979 bytes)                 constnnl_sm.jpg (25294 bytes)

The first is NOT a screenshot, and I don't think the second one is either.


The following screenshots were taken from the first Battlezone 2 Demo by me:

guardian_sm.jpg (16437 bytes)                 lionheart_sm.jpg (12344 bytes)

This is the Scion Guardian Tank.         This is some kind of ISDF transport, the Lionheart.

pilotlunch_sm.jpg (15672 bytes)                 reflect_sm.jpg (17000 bytes)

This monster is having a nice lunch.                 This shows how the water shows reflections.

sevice_sm.jpg (16069 bytes)                 snipeview_sm.jpg (17845 bytes)

This is the Service Truck repairing a Mortar Bike.         When sniping you shoot the red block, no more little dot.

rtank_sm.jpg (13258 bytes)                 warrior_sm.jpg (16926 bytes)

This is the ISDF Rocket Tank.         This is the Scion Warrior Tank.

sentry_sm.jpg (13908 bytes)

This is the Scion Sentry Tank.

lancer_sm.jpg (17671 bytes)

   This is the Lancer Scion Tank, it looks different when moving.

The bottom shows it at rest, the middle is moving backwards, and the top is it moving forwards.

Now back to the official stuff:

stand_sm.jpg (22218 bytes)                 mortdead_sm.jpg (19196 bytes)

This is a walker, mortar bike, and pilot.         This is a Jackal exploding, darn.

basev_sm.jpg (17367 bytes)                 bfight_sm.jpg (19369 bytes)

                This looks like a gun tower.        That Scion in the middle looks to be a rocket tank.

squish_sm.jpg (14683 bytes)

This isn't really a screenshot, more of a hi-res concept piece.    

pilotrocket_sm.jpg (20480 bytes)                 atbattle_sm.jpg (22335 bytes)

Pilots with rocket launchers, Oh yes.         Assualt tanks on the Dark Planet.

btlbane_sm.jpg (12643 bytes)                 mirebeast_sm.jpg (15509 bytes)

                A battle on Bane...                 His ship destroyed a pilot bravely fights.

fogbtl_sm.jpg (13424 bytes)                 ptrans_sm.jpg (14620 bytes)

A foggy battle on Bane.   An interplanetary transport, like the ones mentioned in BZ1, but never shown.

wlkrbng_sm.jpg (14682 bytes)                 mirebattle_sm.jpg (14690 bytes)

                More fighting on Bane.           I don't remember having seen that green weapon yet.