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If you have any information on Battlezone 2, or any expansion packs email me

If you have a map, cool screenshot, original Battlezone art, or any kind of utility that you think is good and would like to see it on my site, email me


September 26, 1999

I finally found a S-video cable long enough to go from my computer to my tv, so I can play Battlezone and stuff on a big screen tv.  It is incredible, lots of fun.   The game looks great on a television, even though I can only use 640x480 or 800x600 resolutions.  All I need now is a longer mouse and keyboard cord so I can sit on the sofa or something, now that would be great.  I also added a new screenshot to the Battlezone 2 Screenshots area, it is a pilot with a rocket launcher, so you should go check it out.  I have been messing around with the Battlezone 2 Demo editor and it is getting really annoying.  I add Scions, and they don't attack my, when I target them, they are shown neutral instead of enemy.  I took away some enemy unist, so my wingmen just sit there doing nothing.  The mission closed itself for no reason and said I failed, even though my service truck and transport were still there.  I will try to make a map, but with the limits of the demo, there isn't much I can do.

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September 22, 1999

Got some screenshots, ya, they're pretty good, go check em out.  Send stuff!

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September 20, 1999

THE WAIT IS OVER!!  No Battlezone 2 isn't out yet, but is open!!!   The site looks great, check it out.  In other news, I got a new screenshot posted in my screenshots section.  Also, it is now reported that the Battlezone 2 Demo has reached 200,000 downloads, wow.

Page updated-bz2-screenshots.

September 16, 1999

Hey its me, well I don't have much to say, Pandemic has added some more of their unit profiles, the Scion "Mauler" Walker and the  ISDF "B9 Land Master" Walker, so go check that out here:

September 14, 1999

Still no maps from me, sorry, and no maps sent to me by you, which is your own fault.   Well Captain Gram of says he would like to host me, but he will probably not have computer access for the next few days due to Hurricane Fredrick and Captain Gram's living on the Florida coast.  In the meantime I have had to reinstall and re download the patches for Battlezone, lots of fun.  Some game files were messed up and it would tell me to get patched when I tried to play multiplayer, then I would run the patch and it would say patch has been installed previously, then I try to play multiplayer again and it would say I need the patch.  This was not amusing, so I uninstalled and reinstalled, then I needed to download the 1.4 patch and the Large Assets patch.  Now I at least will be able to join in on some multiplayer Battlezone goodness.  Maybe I will see some of you in a game.  If you have made a Battlezone 2 map, or want to write a tutorial, I would greately appreciate you sending them to me, and of course you will get recognition.  If you want to make some smashing Battlezone art, that would be great too.  I would also like some readers to write some articles regarding anything to do with Battlezone, gaming in general, life in general, or just something funny.  If they are good I will create a section of articles by guest writers.Email me with anything you want to send me, even hints on playing the demo itself or using the editor, I don't care, just send something.   For the 1200 hits I have recieved I have been sent around 5 emails from people with maps, art, and hints.  That is .4 percent, thats right, less than 1% of my viewers actually send me stuff.  I can not make all the maps, art, and tutorials by myself, I do not have that much time.  That would probably be a full time job.  I spend about an half an hour a day working on this site, not counting making maps, writing tutorials, and making art.  Considering I have about 3 hours of free time a day, half an hour is a lot of time.  Please help me in making this site better and more interesting by sending me stuff.  Thank You.

I do have something for you though.  For those of you who are not good at sniping, I have constructed a save file from the Battlezone 2 Demo in which I have all 1 of all 4 of the different kinds of Scion ships sniped and ready for cruising.  It is rather small, under 30K, so I would suggest downloading it if you have not had the oppurtinity to drive around in Scion ships.  They are a lot of fun to drive.  The file is located in the Battlezone 2 Downloads section. I do have to agree with messages posted on the messageboards that all the tanks are much less agile than the Battlezone 1 tanks and feel a bit slugish.

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September 11, 1999

Well the Battlezone 2 Demo Editor has been giving me some serious problems.  The editor is great, but becuase of the limited game features of the demo, the editor is even more limited, I can only edit an existing map, and I must keep the important stuff, like the transport, and service truck, otherwise the game says Mission Failed becuase I lost the service truck or transport.  O well, I guess thats why they call it a demo.   I made two maps, but both crash becuase of different problems which I am working to resolve.  I hope to have some map up soon.  If you made a Battlezone 2 Map yourself, please email me with it, you will of course recieve recognition, and it will be greately appreciated.  I also got a redirect thing, so if you want to get to my site faster and easier, or something, now use

Also a bit of info, the Mortar Bike is called the Jackal, and the Scion's scout is a drone.  Both of these are in a 3d dossier at the official Battlezone 2 site run by Pandemic,

September 8, 1999

I took some more screenshots from the Battlezone 2 Demo, in fact I took 4 of them.   It has been discovered that it is possible to edit the existing map in the Battlezone 2 Demo to create your own.  First download this file  The editor is fantastic, and definetely better than the Battlezone 1 editor.  Once in the actual mission hit CTRL-E, and start editing.  To save, hit CTRL-S.  I am working on a map and hope to have it uploaded in a few days.

Pages updated-bz2-screenshots, and bz2-downloads.

September 6, 1999

I have played the Battlezone 2 Demo some more, it is lots of fun.  I noticed some things though, the sounds are the same, like when you give commands, they respond with the same words and voices from Battlezone 1, hopefully this will be changed by the full release.  I also noticed that you can snipe the enemy turrets while they are deployed, and that is dumb.  In my opinion this should be changed before the full release.  I took seven screenshots from the demo and placed them in the screenshots section for those of you who don't have the demo, or haven't completely explored it yet.   I noticed some good things too, friendly units do not fight and fight until they destroy their target or get killed.  They actually retreat.  You can play two different modes.  One is like Battlezone 1, in which you command all the units.   The second mode is for the strategically challenged and the computer commands all the units and you just play as one of the grunts who goes around blowing up targets or defending units.  This second mode is good for those who enjoy action games, but don't want to deal with commands.  The interface is a bit different, and to be truthful, at this point I think I like the original one better.  This is probably because I am not used to it yet.  I got some of the unit names, like the Scion unit that is upright in a Y shape is called the Sentry.  The Scion turret is the Guardian, and in one of the tank forms it is called the Warrior.

Page updated-bz2-screenshots. 

September 5, 1999

I got the Battlezone 2 Demo, it is great.  It's way too short though.  The graphics are nice, sound is good, gameplay is fun, units are cool, and the weapons rock.   There are all kinds of cool things, like great weather effects, and there are actual reflections in the water, which are simply amazing.  You need to get it if you haven't already done so.  I probably will not miror the demo becuase it would probably get my account too many hits and piss off XOOM.  I uploaded a new Battlezone 2 preview movie, it's in the Battlezone 2 Downloads section, so go get it.

Page updated-bz2-downloads.

September 4, 1999

Well, sorry for the lack of updates, school started Wednesday, some bad stuff happened out of school, and I got a ton of homework already.  So I have not been in the happiest of moods, and I have had a serious lack of time and will to do work.   Anyway, I got some stuff here, 2 new screenshots and 2 things that are kind of like hi-res renderings of units, so I tossed all of those into the screenshots section.  I also archived most of my August updates.  I still haven't gotten the demo, a result of my bad mood and lack of time.  Well I currently have about 30K left in my Tripod account, that is why you need to click a link once you are inside my screenshots section, which takes you to an XOOM page where I store more screenshots.  I need to be hosted.   If there is anyone out there who can host me, mostly Planet Battlezone(not yet open) please contact me.  I have around 1000 hits in 5 months, and if I was hosted by a larger page I would have more hits becuase my page would be more widely known.  Thank You.  Hey and you guys are even lazier than me, why don't you send me stuff.  I need maps, screenshots, art, whatever you want to send so I can put it on this page.  The Official Battlezone 2 Site now has some 3d models of some of the units, complete with names and all their specs.  So go check it out!!

Pages updated-bz2-screens, and Archives.

August 29, 1999

Well I wanted to make an update yesterday, but I fell asleep.  I took a late night flight and only got 2 hours of sleep.  I got home, wrote the update, but before I posted it, I fell asleep on the couch.  Oh well, here it is slightly revised, lots of goodies.

The Battlezone 2 demo was released while I was gone, it is rather short from what I have heard, but also very good, it is single-player and 15MB, it is at The Intel Website and here are some additional links to get it:

3d #1
3d #2
Voodoo Extreme
All Games Network

I will try to mirror sometime soon.  The Intel website also has a screensaver and a few wallpapers, I will also try to get those soon.

Other stuff, the main ISDF tank is called the Saber or Sabre (the official site has conflicting spellings) and the main Scion tank is called the Scion Warrior Tank.   Pandemic has also completely redone its official Battlezone 2 site, so check it out here.  I also got a new screenshot, so check it out in the Battlezone 2 screenshots section.

Pages updated-bz2-screenshots and bz2-info.

August 15, 1999

Hey everyone, before I leave I have 7 new screenshots for Battlezone 2.  CHECK THEM OUT!!  They show units and landscape not previously seen, so believe me, they are worth it.

I will be leaving my house tomorrow at 5:00 AM, so suffice to say, there will be no update tomorrow.  There will be no updates to this site until August 28, 1999.  Even then, there may or not be an update that day.  Well at this point Pandemic is saying a mid-September Battlezone 2 release, while the stores have been listing it as a late September, early October release.  I guess that means its coming out sometime before Christmas.  Well, seriously, no one (except Pandemic) can be certain.  Right now I have a feeling we won't be seeing Battlezone 2 until October.  I wouldn't be suprised if it was released even later than this.  BS-er has fixed High Treason 2 for me, thank you BS-er, anyway, I don't have the time or patience to mess with that right now, so that will be uploaded when I return from my vacation.  It will be a kind of I'm back present.

I will most likely not be updating this page as often as I do now once I return.   It is very time consuming, and school starts soon, I may be getting a job, and there may be something else coming up that will take away some time from me doing computer work, and I'm happy for that.  I am sick of trying to make Half-Life maps, models, and skins, there is always something going wrong.  Battlezone 1 map making is not exactly all that fun, and I still don't understand how to do shift-F9 editing (paths and stuff).  I tried to make my own Battlezone textures, and that didn't work.  I'm just fed up and can not take much more.  I need a break, and this may be the kind of break I'm looking for.  Oh well, maybe I will go play some Nintendo 64.  I can't wait for vacation.

Page updated- bz2-screenshots.

August 13, 1999

I got the new screenshot from Pandemic, not much to say, its a fight on Rend.  I am starting to get sick of running this website from a Tripod account.  It looks unproffessional, causes people to not come as much, and Pandemic and Activision won't take me seriously.  If I do not get hosted in the next few months I will shut down or turn this site over to someone.  This page gets too few hits for me to justify to myself the amount of time I spend working on it a week.  I update more often then some of those big .com pages and still get less hits, so I just don't see the reason behind it anymore.  I may actually be getting a job when school starts too, so I will have very little free time.  It's funny, I couldn't get a summer job, but I will probably get an after school job.

Page updated-bz2-screenshots.

August 12, 1999


I made the American Version of High Treason 3, its the exact same units, except you are in control of the NSDF units.  It is not very difficult, but still fun.  I still haven't fixed High Treason 2, hopefully I will be able to before vacation.  If you have made a map email me with it.  I still haven't had the chance to download that 3dgamegauge  Battlezone 2 thing.  If you have, email me and tell me how it is, and if its worth dowloading.  I have also heard rumors on several Battlezone websites and messageboards that the first Battlezone 2 demo may be out as early as this week.   What Pandemic is doing with the demos is first releasing a single player demo with about 3 missions.  Then a little while later they will release a multiplayer demo to test the network code.  Pandemic has not said when exactly these demos will be out, or how long after they release the first demo they will release the second demo.   Heh, with my luck one will be released while I'm packing for vacation and the other right before I get home.  Anyway, hopefully they will be released soon.  I will hopefully place all the demos, 1st, 2nd, 3dgamegauge, on my page, but not until after vacation, most likely. 

Page updated-bz1-maps.

August 10, 1999


Two things here with maps.  First the good news, I made a new map, High Treason 3 Russian Edition.  I had an American Edition made, but something went wrong with it.   I will hopefully make a new one.  I also noticed High Treason 2 is corrupted, I will fix it and re upload it as soon as possible.

I noticed that if you go to you can download a kind of Battlezone 2 demo.  It is playable, but Pandemic says it uses old technology and the real Battlezone 2 will be even better.  The file is somewhere around 23 MB, so it is quite big.  If you want to get it check in the Mods section and then click Battlezone 2.    If I get the chance I will download it and tell you how it is.  I am still working on a Battlezone 1  map and I hope to release it soon.

BTW- I saw some interview, and word is their looking for a mid-September release.

Page updated-bz1-maps.

August 6, 1999

I uploaded the new screenshot released by Pandemic.  It features Scion walkers and a dead ISDF pilot.  In non-Battlezone news, I tried out this cool new web browser called NeoPlanet.  You can get it at   It's free, a 1.9MB download, and takes under 5MB up on your hard drive once it is installed, including the email program.  It loads a lot faster on my system then Navigator or IE.  I also checked, and YES this site does work on that browser and does look good.  Also I will be going on vacation soon, and during that time there will be no updates to this page.  I hope to make a map to keep you guys and gals busy in the meantime, but I might not have the time.  I am leaving the 16th and getting back the 28th.  I will be leaving very early the 16th so there will be no update that day, and I am gett back early on the 28th, so you can expect an update(unless I have some serious jet lag).

Page updated-bz2-screenshots.

August 5, 1999

Well I noticed my link to B.A.A. was bad, but I fixed that.  I am still trying to get hosted, and I have an idea for who to ask next. I finally updated those Battezone 2 preview movies.  Sorry that they are so late.  They are in the Battlezone 2 Downloads section and are zipped together into one file.   Also, please continue to send in maps, if oyu do not wish to send me the map, just give me permission to place it on my site and tell me where I can get it.

Page updated-bz2-downloads.

August 2, 1999

New map alert, woo! woo! woo!  OK, I made another new map, High Treason 2.   You aren't the same commander as you were in the first one.  You are an enemy NSDF commander.  A kind of playing as both sided type thing (if i make another, you will be the guy from the first, and so on).  Anyway, have fun, it was fun to make and play for me.

Non-Battlezone-Hey I found out the thing that messed up my Half-Life wasn't stupidity on my part.  It was a Half-Life website (I won't mention name because that would be just plain mean, but I will say it is a BIG site) which put up a file saying it was the new patch.  Well it was the patch for the server software, and if you run it on non-server software, it corrupts your Half-Life game.  Lots of fun.  If they don't release the REAL patch soon I will not be happy.  I'm now very bored as far as computer gaming goes.  Battlezone is no longer all that entertaining for me (beat the game long ago, and I have played nearly every map available), Half-Life Bots won't work until the next patch.  I didn't buy another game becuase I was waiting for Battlezone 2.  If I new it was going to be this late I would have bought another game.  One that looks good + the demo is good is F-22 Lightning 3.  I might just get Grand Theft Auto becuase I remember the demo for that game ruled.  Anyway happy gaming to all those who visit this site.  

Page updated-bz1-maps.

August 1, 1999

There is going to be a REAL Gamespy Network's Planet Battlezone (No not that one someone announced a few weeks ago).  This is the real thing.  I sent a email to ask Gamespy if they are working on one, and if they are to let me join.  They said they are making one and the team is fairly complete.  So this verifies the rumor at that says there may be one.  I also moved some maps to another server, hopefully speeding up downloads.

July 31, 1999

I made a map!  Yes indeed, and it isn't just a simple normal kind of map, in my map you command the CCA.  Ya, you know you like that.  Go download it, the zip file is real small and it's fun.  Oh ya, and I fixed Half-Life.  Sorry if any of you came to the site yesterday and the new screenshot or info was missing or if things weren't working.  It was a big screenshot and was giving me all kinds of trouble when I tried to upload it.  It works now, mostly becuase I put the screen on a different account.  (Tripod upload is quite bad so if you are a start-up get Xoom and use FTP)

Page updated- bz1-maps.

July 30, 1999

I have posted the latest Battlezone 2 screenshot released by Pandemic.  Hmm... things have been quiet recently about Battlezone 64, I'll have to look into that.   Also be sure to keep your Battlezone coming my way.  I don't care how bad your maps are, I WANT THEM!  Even if you think they are terrible, even if you are a beginner, email me with your maps.  Thank You in advance.  I also grabbed some new info from a Gamespot UK preview and a Gamesmania interview with Matt Candler.

In non-Battlezone stuff, I recently did some stupid stuff and now have to reinstall Half-Life.  This means I'm going to have to get about 30 megs worth of patches to get it back to the latest version (and you thought Battlezone patches were bad).  So besides the fact that this is bothersome, it may also slow down my uploading of new stuff.   I may work on some Battlezone maps while I wait till I can get all those patches.

Pages updated- bz2-screenshots and bz2-info.

July 26, 1999

I have uploaded a ton of new information for Battlezone 2 from a CNET preview.  It is must see.

Page updated- bz2-info.

July 24, 1999

Today I have 4 new maps, yes I say 4 new Battlezone 1 maps, 3 IA, 1 DM.  Go check them out.

Page updated- bz1-maps.

July 23, 1999

I have 4 new screenshots for Battlezone 2 as well as a small bit of info.  I also have a new Battlezone 1 map and the Battlezone 2 movies will be uploaded soon.  The information regards an upcoming Battlezone 2 demo to be released over the internet.

Pages updated-bz2-screenshots, bz2-info, and bz1-maps.

July 21, 1999

I got 3 new screenshots from a Gampower preview.  One of them is what I saw in Next Generation magazine that proved that yellow ship which I said was probably a scav is actually a scav. so check it out!!  Also I got some new info, including another possible release date and AI capabilities.

Well I have uploaded 6 new maps to my page.  They are all from BS-er.  I have the entire Get Arkin Series (5 maps), plus another map, fury hell.  I also got the new Scion turret concept art, so check it out.

Pages updated-bz1-maps, bz2-screenshots, bz2-info, and bz2-concept art.

July 20, 1999

Well I got that Next Generation magazine that Captain Gram said would have Battlezone 2 info in it.  Well it had a 1 page preview with very little new information and on the CD it had the preview movie that has been available free online for months.  In other words, it was not worth it.  One thing that i saw was the yellow ship that I have a screenshot of that I said looks like a mining vehicle or scav kinda thing really is a scav, so I was right!  It also lists it for an August release, which is interesting.   It also show a little more about the interface.  I hope to upload the 2 existing Battlezone 2 preview movies in one ZIP file sometime this week, so if you haven't seen them, you will.

I also got permission from BS-er to put his maps on my page, so look to see at least another 5 maps here in the next week.

July 18, 1999

I got lots of info from some interview of Will Stahl from around the time of E3 that no one really has seen yet.  One thing to notice of my info section, the newest information is at the bottom oldest is on top.  I don't remove any information, so if you read through, you may find conflicting information becuase Pandemic has changed there minds on certain things. 

I have a new map here: Off The Wall, by me.  The reason for the delay is that a lot of the things I was trying to do, didn't work for me (NSDF vs Black Dogs) if you know how to do this, email me and I couldn't get my custom textures to convert to *.map files.

Some of you may remember about a two months ago when I would have a ton of new maps coming soon, well the person who was supposed to get these to me did not come through, so I will not have those maps.

I AM STILL looking for Battlezone 1 maps, even newbie maps, so if you are a beginner map maker and are looking to get your maps posted and make a name for yourself in the Battlezone community, email me with your map or maps.  I will continue to post Battlezone 1 maps even after Battlezone 2 is released, so keep 'em coming.  If you have an old map sitting around that you have made, and it is on other pages, I would still like it here so send it.

Pages updated-bz2-info, and bz1-maps.

July 15, 1999

Now I know Pandemic has been saying they are still looking to make a summer release, and everyone else has been saying they won't make it, well I have a feeling they won't make it.  Today I was at Electronics Boutique, and I asked to see a list of games I could reserve, I wanted to make sure I got Battlezone 2 as soon as it was released, and I noticed the release date was listed as 9/29/99, September 29, 1999.  I would assume they are correct becuase in a Chips + Bits ad in my August Computer Gaming World, it is listed as being released October 1999.  So it looks like we can expect a late September-early October release at the earliest for Battlezone 2.

In other news, I have a new piece of concept art, the Pandemic guy says it is an artifact seen im one mission, but it is labeled ISDF Teleport, rather interesting, check it out.  I also added the new possible release dates into my info page.

Pages updated-bz2-concept art and bz2-info.

July 13, 1999

Well I still haven't figured this one out but, every time I email Pandemic about trying to get myself one of those funky Battlezone Watchtowers on my page like every other Battlezone page, I get no response.  I have been trying to get one since this site opened three months ago.  Whats the deal here Pandemic?  I even use their special page that says click here to get you own watchtower.  I would also be very greatful if someone would host me.  I will need around 20MB-30MB in space and I would be updating often, if that makes any difference to webmasters.  I was made an offer by way back when they were first opening,  but they said they couldn't give me much space so I declined.  I have also tried to get hosted by, but he doesn't respond to my requests.  Now I think is a great site, but my one problem with the site is that there aren't any direct links on his main page to get to his hosted sites, the way does.  If you were a first-timer going to, you might not even realize he hosts sites, he has 2 I think, right?  See I don't even know.  If you want to host me please email me.   Thank You.

In other non-news- I don't think I will be making a Blaknite101's Half-Life ZONE.   This is becuase I have been trying all kinds of stuff in Half-Life- mapping, skinning, modeling, and I want to learn coding and bot making, but with each I am running into dead ends, system crashes, errors, bad programs, me not understanding more-complicated than neccessary things that I need to know.  Battlezone 2 is coming soon, and at this point, unless I have some kind of breakthrough, I will not have any decent models, maps, or skins made by the time it is out.  I do have several skins that look bad made, as well as 2 incomplete models, and 1 really cool looking Team Fortress Capture The Flag level that I can't finish becuase it crashes the compiler.   PLEASE Pandemic, do not have the Battlezone 2 editing program use any kind of compiler, they're nothing but trouble.  When Battlezone 2 is out, I am putting all other games to the side so I can have all kinds of editing info up as soon as possible, this is another reason that there will most likely be no Half-Life ZONE. 

If you think I should have a Half-Life ZONE, email me, please email me, you people seem to be afraid to email me, considering I have received less than 10 emails from people visiting this site, and only 2 of them contained things for me to post.  I know there are visitros to this page, I have a counter.   

There is an amusing Battlezone page out there, it is for the {Ni}clan, but they have stuff for non clan members, like maps and utilities, check it out at

I recently got ICQ, if you want to contact me, my # is 43041745

Also check out, they have a good, very long Battlezone FAQ for beginners that is updated often.  It covers everything from strategies and tactics to the large assets patch and running music CDs while the game is running.

July 9, 1999

I have uploaded 5 new Battlezone 2 screenshots.  They aren't really anything amazing or different.  They are just some wild battle scenes on Mire.  I also fixed some of the screenshots becuase some of them didn't bring up the larger image once you clicked on them.  Well now you will see "the big picture." 

Page updated-bz2-screenshots.

July 8, 1999


Well, its been a weird week, I had a bit of a power outage, cable has been going in and out all week, and I had to try several different homepage places before I found a good one for my Battlezone 1 maps.  Pandemic was not releasing info, screens, and concept art on its usual schedule, but instead, released all three at once today.  Oh, well, things never go as planned.  I now have my Battlezone 1 maps section back up, as well as 1 new Battlezone 2 screenshot, 1 new piece of Battlezone 2 concept art, and a whole bunch of new Battlezone 2 info, mostly on Scions.

Pages updated- bz1-maps, bz2-screenshots, bz2-concept art, and bz2-info.

I have something non-Battlezone goodness for you.  Well I was using my computer and noticed it was running a little slow, well, just look at this screenshot.

July 4, 1999

Happy 4th of the July.  For those of you living outside the United States, well its July 4th, have a nice day.  Well updates may be a little slow, thanks to UI, who can't make enough power for our state.  As a result my state has a power outage warning every day it gets above 80 degrees.  On these days my mom goes overboard and turns off all the A/C and tells me to get off the computer.

Well the actual news today is that I have 5 new Battlezone 2 screenshots and a tad bit of Battlezone 64 info.  Some of you may say other sites have mor screenshots than me, but that is becuase I sort through the pictures, and if 2 of them show the same ship on the same planet, in the same scene, at the same angle, but at a different distance (this has happened several times), I only post one.

Bad news, I still don't have the Battlezone 1 maps back up, they should be up in 2-7 days.

Pages updated- bz2-screenshots, and bz64-info.

June 30, 1999

So I've got good and bad news.  Good news- I have 4 new pieces of concept art and 8 new screenshots.  I got these from a new Battlezone 2 preview.  I uploaded some new info on Battlezone 2.  Bad news- I have run out of room on my tripod account.  As a result, I have temporarily removed the Battlezone 1 Maps section.  It will be put on another account somewhere else.   Until then, you will not be able to get any maps off this site.  I also added better descriptions in the Concept Art section. 

In other news, I have beaten LOTG and UBZ2D still doesn't work for me.  LOTG was great. if you don't have it, go get it at

So the sections with the action are bz2-screenshots, bz2-info, and bz2-concept art.

June 27, 1999

The new screenshots are here!  I have uploaded 5 new Battlezone 2 screenshots.   They are larger images and look great.  Almost all of them are based on the ice planet Bane, which has not been shown very much in earlier screenshots.  I also added a small bit of info on Battlezone 2.

Check out the bz2-screenshots, and bz2-info sections.

June 24. 1999

I uploaded the new screenshot from Pandemic, its of the ISDF APC on the planet Bane.   Pandemic also has a new Insider Report, nothing important that I want to put on my site.  Its basically about how they came about choosing the color schemes and the look of the ships in Battlezone 2.

In other news, I found a really good Battlezone 1 editing site.  It includes beginner tutorials, and goes all the way up to custom textures, skins, and other advanced topics.  The site is the

Now go over click on the part that says Screenshots under the Battlezone 2 header, and see the new screenshot. 

June 22, 1999

I have almost beaten LOTG (Last of the Galilean), and believe me, its great.  To get LOTG go to  LOTG is a non official, user made expansion set of 7 Black Dog missions and 4 CCA missions, as well as some multiplayer levels.  LOTG uses custom textures for planets as well as ships.   There is also 1 new kind of turret, the Eagle Lander is available in the game, and some of the CCA vehicles are edited for use in the last CCA mission.

I got the new UBZ2D (Unofficial Battlezone 2 Demo).  First, let me explain that UBZ2D is NOT a demo or beta of any sort for Battlezone 2, it is a non- official modification of Battlezone 1 with textures and units that make it look like Battlezone 2.   You can get UBZ2D at   It has some problems in getting it to run, but the gameplay itself is tons of fun.   First, the program to run it didn't work, so i placed all the files in the addon directory and ran the missions through the BZCP(Battlezone Control Panel), this works, except that Battlezone will spontaneosly crash about 3 mintes into playing.  From what I have seen, it is great.  The units look similar to what we have seen in screenshots.  The ISDF tank, rocket tank, mortar bike, and APC are in it, as well as the Scion tank.

I also uploaded this weeks consept art, a bridge.

Go look in the bz2- concept art section, and see what appears.

June 19, 1999

I uploaded the new Battlezone 2 screenshot of the alien monster thing.  I am currently working on making a Battlezone map or two with help from friends who have working editors, so you can look forward to that.  I'm not going to mention details becuase I'm personally not sure what I can do, but it should be interesting.  It won;t just be another regular instant action map, there will be modifications that most map makers don't do.

I got Last of the Galilean, and it is great.  Unfortunately, when I play it, Battlezone will sometimes spontaneously close.  No error message, no time for me to save the game, it just closes.  The LOTG GUI stays open, however.  I have been trying to use bmp2map, and it doesn't work (I do have DOS4GW in my c:\windows folder) it gives me fatal errors and such.   If anyone knows how to fix this, email me.

June 18, 1999

I got so much information off the Gametime interview of the Pandemic guy that it is unbelievable.  Go to the Battlezone 2 Info section and prepare to be amazed.  Some important stuff- Pandemic is hoping to make a public beta, and will make a demo BEFORE the release of the full game.  I also have the storyline, so go check it out.  I will have the new screenshot tommorrow.

Check out bz2-info section NOW

June 17, 1999

I uploaded the newest concept art of the service truck, a new unit for BZ2.  I noticed that that Pandemic refers to it as "for comic relief", I'm not completely sure what that means, but I have a few ideas.  It should be interesting.   I also got a ton of info from the new Insider Report at the official Pandemic site.   All of the info pertains to new weapons.  There is one powerful alla rave weapon known as the Hailstorm, to find out the full details on it and other weapond, look in the Battlezone 2 Info section.

Go check out the stuff in the bz2-concepts, and bz2-info sections.

June 16, 1999

Tons of stuff going on here today.  You should have already noticed the new look, I did this to make it more Battlezone 2 style than Battlezone 1.  Now here is the good stuff.  I just got a ton of Battlezone 64 info.  There are new ships in Battlezone 64 that were not in Battlezone 1.  I have pictures and info on these and just general gameplay. 

So go check out the bz64-info and bz64-screenshots sections.

June 12, 1999

I uploaded a new screenshot of the ISDF assualt tank.  It looks nice, its treaded, and I guess it is one of the heavier attack units in Battlezone 2.  I also uploaded NEW Battlezone 64 info, and 4 new screenshots.

So check out the bz2-screenshots, bz64-info, and bz64-screenshots sections and get informed.

June 9, 1999

KingRascal's new map Great Divide is out.  I'm sure you will enjoy it.  I also uploaded the new concept art of Commander Yelena Shabayev.  It appears Pandemic and Activision are still planning on a summer release, here's a quote from Pandemic guy George Collins:

We're still aiming for a summer release and the team is working hard to finish as
soon as possible. As anyone who saw or played the game at E3 can tell you, we are
very far along with the game, but we would never sacrifice the quality of the product
just to hit some date.

So check out the bz2-concept art and bz1-maps sections.

June 8, 1999

Now I have decided that becuase the theme and colors of my page are more Battlezone 1, (Black, green, grays) I will be redesigning my site in a more Battlezone 2 theme.  I will do this myself, but if anyone has anything they would like to add, email me.

I sent KingRascal the template for the text files ti send in with maps, so I should have his map up very soon.  I also sent an email to that guy who said he was going to send me a ton of maps to see if they are on the way or if he changed his mind or something.

June 7, 1999

Well yesterday I was looking at my site and at my server account and I realized 2 things - files missing, and that I have about 2MB left in my account.  Both of these are bad, very bad.  So I realized that it had to do with file names + capitalizations, well now it works.  Secondly, and VERY important is that if there is anyone willing to host me, it would be a huge help, so please email me.

Also, if you ever see anything missing or wrong on this site, email me.

June 6, 1999

I uploaded 2 new concept art sketches, and dumped most of the old news into the archives.  KingRascal has completed one of the several maps he has been working on.   I have not uploaded it yet becuase he has not yet sent me a readme so he needs to do that and it will be all set.  Expect it by next Friday.  It is a nicely designed map, but quite easy, good for begginers, if there are any of you left out there.   I also uploaded 2 new Battlezone 64 screenshots, some more Battlezone 64 info, 2 Battlezone 2 screenshots from the CGW preview, and some new Battlezone 2 info.  I also uploaded 1 new official Battlezone 2 screenshot.

That means updates in the following sections - bz2 concept art, bz2 info, bz2 screenshots, bz64 info, and bz64 screenshots.  So go get informed.

In other news, I may yet finish a Half-Life map, and if I do, you can expect another zone, Blaknite101's Half-Life ZONE.  Don't worry, this won't mean the end of this site, or even the slowing down of the work on this site.  Also, I recently downloaded   Quake 3 Arena Test, it is incredible.  Great graphics, fun weapons, very little lag, and plays well even with a ping that would make Half-Life play terribly.  If you plan to get it then  let me first say that this version works only if you have some kind of a 3D accelerator, and it involves getting 2 files, first get Q3ATest(20MB) then you need to get some new GLSETUP(21MB) thing.  It works well on my machine which has a Riva TNT, so if you TNT owners were wondering, yes it does work.  Have fun!

I have noticed a lot of people on the messageboards (not mine) just recently jumping in on the Battlezone 2 scene and wanting all the info, well if you haven't yet, check out the Battlezone 2-Info section.

May 29, 1999

Well I have lots of info today, but not much media. Anyone interested in Battlezone 2 should buy the July issue of Computer Gaming
World. There is a big 2 page ad for Battlezone 2. It shows one big picture with all the units we have seen, plus some ones we
haven't. I think I can even see flying units. As if that wasn't enough, there is also a two-page Battlezone 2 preview. They show 4
new screenshot. You can see an up close Scion vessel I haven't seen before, one of those alien monsters, a vivid explosion, and
some other ISDF vehicles that I think have not been seen before.

Unfortunately, there are a ton of misspellings, typos, and misinformation. They said the original Battlezone was between the NSA
and CCA, when it was really the NSDF vs CCA. They call the ISDF the Inter-Stellar Defense Force, when I believe that Pandemic
has already said they are the International Space Defense Force. They also spelt Mire as Myer. They also called the demo they had
pre-alpha, when if that guy was telling the truth, alpha testing is already going on. I would imagine if Pandemic wants to meet
the Summer release date that it would already be in Alpha.

There is new information however. They said that those monsters prey on pilots out of their ships, and were put in the game to
counter act the ability to snipe ships. The new interface is supposedly makes it faster to dish out commands. They said the flying
APC and the flying bomber can not be flown by the user. They are only told where to drop soldiers or bombs. Vehicles are divided
into three categories, hovering, tracked and biped. Tracked vehicles are mostly utility vehicles, and can't go over water or other
obstacles. Yes as many people have been asking, you CAN build bridges. It says there are helper vehicles that will give supplies.
There are some underwater-only vehicles.

BIG BONUS- There is a 13MB movie of Battlezone 2 on the CD that comes with the magazine, it has lots of Scion footage, so go
buy it and check it out.

I fixed up the screenshots section, so that if you have less than a 1024 x 768 resolution it doesn't look crazy like it used to.

May 19, 1999

I have uploaded 4 new screenshots for your viewing pleasure, and if anyone would send in some maps, I would upload those as well.  I also loaded up some concept art of the Scion tank, good stuff.  One conclusion I have come to is that when the Scion is morphed into that Y shaped, upright form, it is the equivalant of a rocket tankand when it is horizontal and is more pod shaped with the wing things in front, it is the equivalant of a tank or scout.

May 13, 1999

I uploaded these new hi resolution screens I got from the site of the company that is making the intro movie to Battlezone 2.  I  also uploaded 8 other screenshots from a new preview here .

Sorry for the lack of updates these 6 days, but I had a lot of stuff going on and then all of this information came all at  once. 

(This paragraph is completely unrelated to Battlezone)I have been working on a new level for Half-Life, which is a great game.  I've been considering starting a Half-Life site.  The map I am working on is just gigantic, the final will be at least 10MB.

Back to Battlezone-

Updates will probably almost daily when my track season ends Monday.

I have been thinking of putting up polls to get responses to my questions, since no one uses the forums or emails me when I ask, so I thought a quick point and click poll would be easier, so I will be looking into that.  I you have any suggestions, maps, pics, or art DON'T EMAIL ME.  Actually, I was just trying reverse physcology, please do send your stuff my way.

May 7, 1999

Well, I uploaded the new mortar bike concept art.  Looks nice.  I also got four new Battlezone 64 screens.  There is a preview at so check it out!! 

May 4, 1999

There is a new utility for Battlezone 1 that allows you to change all the graphic options in an easy graphical interface.

The Battle Zone Configuration Utility was designed to help troubleshooting and optimizing the rendering performance of Battle Zone. It lets you change the graphic settings of Battle Zone from within a comfortable user interface.

Download english version (LsdBzCfg.exe - 194 KB): here

In other news- I recieved an email with a sort of story.  It is more of a creative explanation for newbies and those who don't own Battlezone, it is also a good story though, so check it out.  Its called The Battlezone by Jonathan Eric Roseland.  Get it here

May 3, 1999

Today I added the new screenshot from they include a closer look at a Scion tank, an alien beastie, and some new kind of vehicle that looks like it a mining vehicle.

May 2, 1999

Word is that I will have a large number of maps coming my way in the next month or so.   All I'm going to say is that it is a archive of over 50 maps from a website that has shut down, and they are transferring the maps to me.  My friend KingRascal may also have his first map done in at the most a month, and let me tell you it looks great, even for a non-newbie mapper.

May 1, 1999

I moved all my old news from March and April into the Old News Archive.  Well has put up this 3d art gallery using VRML, and it looks great.  There are four 3d pictures of Battlezone 64 vehicles (they are the same as Battlezone 1 vehicles), so check it out. 3d art gallery  I also put up the new screenshot of the ISDF recycler, so get moving and take a look.

April 28, 1999

Well, I got some new concept art from the Official Battlezone 2 Site of the gun tower.   If you have downloaded one of my incomplete maps, please take the time and email me so I know if people like them or not.  If i get a good response, more will be posted.   As usual, if you have anything you would like to send in, email me.

April 26, 1999

I decided that becuase I can make the terrain and texture of maps, just not place objects that I would place incomplete maps up for people to download and use.  Now I think most people agree that making the terrain and texturing  are the most tedious parts of map making, so now I have the boring parts done for you.  These maps have all the terrain and texture done, so all you have to do is place objects and you have a map.  All I ask is that if you make a map out of one of mine that you send me a copy and allow me to put it up on my page.  There are currently 3 incomplete maps in the Battlezone 1 Maps section, so check it out.  I plan to put up more maps like this if the response is good.

If you download one of the incomplete maps, think it is a good idea and would like to see more, than leave a message on the Battlezone 1 Forum, or email me and this will give me an indication of whether or not I should upload more of these.

Now that we are getting clower to the release of Battlezone 2 my updates will be more frequent depending on my free time and the availability of new material.

April 24, 1999

I played the Red Odyssey demo some more, it's quite good, but difficult, I'm on the third mission right now.  I put up a new Battlezone 64 (version of Battlezone 1 for Nintendo 64) section now that the developers put up a site for it, .  I have two screenshots of Battlezone 64, they aren't as good as the computer version, but they're good for the Nintendo 64.  So far it sounds like it will be exactly like the version for the computer, but who knows.  Hopefully the missions will be different, or maybe they'll throw in an extra vehicle or weapon.  I also uploaded 6 new IA, single player maps from BS-er. Thanks.  Don't forget to send in your own maps, art, and funny screenshots.

April 23, 1999

I got the June issue of Computer Gaming World today and on the demo disk I found the Red Odyssey Demo.  I like it, I didn't even plan on buying Red Odyssey, but now I might.  That is, if i can even find it, considering everyone is saying they can't find it and I haven't seen it in ANY of my local video game stores.  If you beat Battlezone and are looking for some "wholesome Battlezone goodness" check out the demo from or pick up the June issue of Computer Gaming World.

I noticed the demo comes with the .ini and .trn for ganymede and elysium so you could probably make new maps using those textures.

I picked up the official screenshot and replaced one of my lower-res, smaller sized versions I picked up from , so go check out my BZII screenshot section.

Also, if my page looks weird, email me because I run Netscape 4.5 @ 1024 x 768, so it might look odd at lower resolutions or maybe even on IE.

April 22, 1999

Send stuff- blaknite101

I grabbed 3 new screenshots and tons of info from a new BZII preview, I put some of the older news in the archives, and got some concept art.   So check out the BZII info, BZII screens, and BZII concept art sections.

I'm going to try to make some maps using my computer for the texturing and terrain, because that can be done full screen, then place objects using another computer.  So you can expect a map or two in the next month or so.

If anyone here is interested in making maps, but doesn't know how, email me, and I'll give you some info, maybe I'll make a tutorial, or maybe I'll just wait for BZII, anyway I will return any emails, so don't worry.  If you need help, you can also use my Battlezone 1 Forum and I will respond on that, as well as other people might respond.

April 15, 1999-

PLEASE SEND IN MAPS to me blaknite101

On to other stuff...

Well I added a new section for concept art (any observant veiwers will notice it links to the same page as another link) this was done becuase, I thought that most of you wouldn't realize that concept art was in the downloads section.  Anyway, I uploaded a ton of new concept art, and the new scout/tunnel screenshot.  And hey I know there are people coming here (I have a counter, so someone please send in art, info, or maps) THANKS!!

You are probably wondering why I keep asking you to send in maps instead of getting off my lazy but and making some myself.  Well I can't make maps anymore becuase for some reason after downloading the large assets patch, I can no longer run Battlezone in a window, which makes it imppossible for me to place objects in a map, effectively stopping me from making maps.  If anyone knows how to fix this, email me

-btw I fixed a bunch of typos in my last update, well you won't notice them now becuase they're gone.

April 11, 1999-

BATTLEZONE 2 in alpha testing

There was a small LAN party of Quake 2 at my school yesterday of like 30 people, sponsored by HEAT.NET, so I was talking to one of the Heat guys who came to set it up and stuff, and the subject turned to Battlezone, and he told me that his friend is alpha testing Battlezone 2 and that he has a copy too, and that it is great.  I am not sure if everyone else already knew it was in alpha testing, or just assumed that it was based on the release date, but it is.

Unfortunately he was busy and I didn't really get much new information out of him.   He said that visuals are stunning, with real  cool worlds with bridges, water, trees and stuff.  He also said that you can do more stuff on foot.  Although we already have heard this information from Pandemic, its nice to hear it from an independent source.

This update includes the new walker images and a little new info on my info page, so check it out.

April 7, 1999-

I uploaded that new pluto screenshot, two new concept art images, and all those german shots.  All concept art is located in the Battlezone 2 downloads area.


This site is input based, and it is highly important that people send in files to make this site grow, if you have something you would like to send, even if you think its no good, email me!

April 1, 1999 -

I uploaded a picture sent in by Iouri, and one of mine they're in the bz1 other dloads section, updated links section, and put up some new concept art from the official bz2 site in the bz2 dloads section .

March 27, 1999 -

There are now two forums, one is for Battlezone 1 technical, editing, and gameplay discussion.  The other is for Battlezone 2 ideas, conversation, and when it is released, technical, editing, and gameplay discussion.

March 22, 1999 -

This is a new site, it will contain editing info, maps, utilities and more for Battlezone 1, and preview information for Battlezone 2.  Once Battlezone 2 is out there will be maps and other editing files for download.  There is also a Forum for posting questions on Battlezone 1 + 2, ideas for Battlezone 2, ideas for maps, and more.